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elcome to ASF, your #1 source for Azura Skye since 2003. You might know her as Sandy Engel-Karinsky on Working the Engels, Cassie Newton on Buffy the Vampire Slayer or various guesting on shows like Smallville and Touched by an Angel, but you likely remember her as Jane Cooper on the short-lived series Zoey, Duncan, Jack and Jane. 100% PAPARAZZI & GOSSIP FREE!

All things miss Storozynski.


  • Her Birth Name is Azura Dawn Storozynski.
  • She’s named after a semi-precious gem named azurite.
  • Her parents were/are gemologists.
  • Her father builds modles for movies, such as “Tomorrow Never Dies” and “Titanic”.
  • Her grandfather played Sheriff Lofty Craig – “Annie Oakly” (1950s)
  • Azura was born in her Grandmother’s home.
  • She attended Brentwood School


  • “I’m the most normal, boring person I know!”
  • “She’s this huge movie star yet she’s totally oblivious to what that means. She’s so normal, so gracious, a wonderful, giving person.” – About Sandra Bullock, Ottowa Citizen Online, April 6 2000

All The Small Things

    Azura Skye was born Azura Dawn Storozynski on November 8, 1980 in Northridge, California. She began her career at the age of 3, acting in plays and was touring for school audiences by 11. While with the Santa Monica Playhouse, she headed off to England to study professional stage acting. More Coming Soon!